In the blink of an eye, Spring is over, and here we are waltzing into Summer. There’s no late frost, or not frost at all for Spring this year, that’s interesting. Paying more attention to my seed sowing this season helped me to gain a deeper understanding into when to sow. Well, I should only start sowing after Show Day to get the best results when the sowing is done in the open. With plans to modify the greenhouse and build a jumbo cold frame for next season, I might attempt to start some seedlings outdoor under cover.

Just had an eureka moment on a raised bed cover that I can put over a section of the raised beds for sowing direct too. *Quickly sketch it down onto some random piece of paper*

2014-12-03 16.46.00

The weather this week is quite amazing. We had 25mm of accumulated rainfall. Its what we needed as it was quite dry. Had a high of 25.9dC and low of 2.8dC. Some hail and thunder, and more to come later.

2014-12-04 08.45.19

I accidentally broke the fruiting branch of a Cara Cara Orange the other day, and the fruit pretty much needed to be picked. It has really strong color in the flesh, despite not much promises from the outer skin. Though, it has a nice bum typical of sweet eating Navel Oranges. It is definitely not tart, it is sweet!

2014-12-04 08.32.58

Proof that the Bearrs Lime and Yen Ben Lemon is very much alive. The immediate remedial action has been good for the plant, the first shock of a plant that thinks its going to die, is to putting all of its energy into flowering profusely, and I picked off all them before they even resemble any form of a flower bud thus saving the energy, let the plant calm the farm down and put on some foliage buds. They will regrow, and next season go into the modified green house.

2014-12-04 08.39.20

Back to the Subtropical plot, I have double bagged the plants with an extra layer of plastic, salvaged from used compost bags. I’ve started mulching with cabbage leaves, and a colleague at work offered me plenty of spent straw from her chook house. This is sort of a on site composting approach, composting generates heat, and on site composting means that the surface layer will continuously have some sort of hot energy going on. Not only that, composting requires a certain level of moisture, and that means humidity, hot humid energy, just what the subtropical plants need. I am really more into humidity than heat, that’s where my greenfingers instinct is pointing. Humidity, humidity, humidity.

2014-12-04 08.40.11

The proof is in the bacon. This Avocado Bacon has truly come back to life after being hit hard by frost last season thanks to over confident me that did not bother about putting a cover on until, “oh its frosted, let’s put a cover on now”.

2014-12-04 08.41.56

Remember the strawberries twin? Well, they have made good progress, and ready to eat in a couple days time. The strawberries bed have been my after work indulgence. Ripe strawberries, and peas so sweet, yummo! Caesar gets to share in the occasional snack too, he loves them peas, eat them shellout pea whole.


I’ve attacked the hedge mustard with the bill hook last week. They have started to lignify, makes them harder to cut down, and they don’t break down that quickly anymore.


The Orchard Cottage this week.