We are now in the final month of Winter. However, it felt like Spring after I had a wee banter with one of the shepherd while taking Caesar for a run on the bike. Maybe it is a whiplash from the freeze a few weeks before, and then we will be seeing another deep freeze in perhaps 2 weeks time?


Rainfall this week, 4mm. A high of 19.8dC and a low of -2.2dC. Its windy though.


All the pre-ordered bare rooted fruit trees have arrived at just about the same time, and they were all planted out yesterday. I’ve finally got a red leafed Blackboy Peach, I’ve tried grafting for 2 years and had no luck until I noted Grant from Thunder Mountain offered them for sale.

The Belgian Fence is now 99% filled, except for 2 mm106 rootstock which still awaits scionwood of some type. Will see what SCES have to offer when they send out the scionwood list some time this week.


This is the Three Sisters Project plot. Plenty of lime and gypsum went down last week, and I added a truck load of eco mulch and compost yesterday before putting the weedmat back on. The wee fencing is to keep Caesar away.

In there, I’ll be planting 136 sweetcorn consisting of crosses between Early Gem, Golden Bantam, Rainbow Inca, and Silver Platinum. There will also be 21 pumpkin/squash varieties.

For Cucurbita maxima, I’ll be crossing Pumpkin Australian Butter with Squash Burgess Buttercup. As the species name suggest, these are huge in size, so I’m just trying to cross something great and bring the size down.

For Cucurbita pepo, I’ll be crossing Pumpkin Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato with Pumpkin Wee Be Little with Squash Delicata. Again, I’m trying to bring the size down.

For Cucurbita moschata, it’ll just be Squash Honeynut. This variety is great as it is.


The bumble bees caught wind of the almond flowering.


So more bumble bees arrived to hang out with the almond.


The Orchard Cottage this week.

“first seek to understand.”