Wow! That’s some sort of weather! And I was just telling someone else that it ain’t gonna snow as the event was downgraded. And the very next morning, I woke up to a foam party.


That’s 50mm of rainfall, snow, hail, sleet combined! We have a high of 19.8dC and a low of 0dC.


The good news is that the mikroclima frost cloth roof for the greenhouse is very much uncompromised despite of the snowfall. I am truly grateful that I have covered the grounds and driveway with large grade pebbles. Otherwise, my shoes will get all soggy every time I step out of the house. It is so unmuddy now.


It continued to snow sleet hail shower on Sunday. It didn’t stop me from unloading the crusher dust from the ute into the greenhouse and the giant cloche. Working in between the deluge, and mixing the crusher dust in with the compost and mulch mix. Top it up with a sprinkling of rolled oats so that the birds will come and eat and shit and get some bio going.


And the strawberries babies are growing. Its strawberries planting time now, but I am more interested in planting more shallots.


And the Saturday snowfall split this Tagasaste Tree Lucerne three ways! Will be cutting them back hard, and hope that they recover. Will be sowing some tree lupin seeds though, for replacement.


A change of view, some droopy looking Tagasaste Tree Lucerne abound. I’ve ordered some interesting tomato seeds from a rare seed company based in US. Will be interesting to find out if it will arrive at all.


I took this when it is snowing on Sunday. I am looking at Victorian bells to enhance early Spring growing, however, they cost about $13 each, and I am looking at having a couple dozens. That’s just not going to be a financially prudent decision. I’ve figured something else out instead, I’ve managed to amass a huge quantity of yogurt pottles, which will probably do the trick. All they need is some holes to be drilled on the base.

“Seek out the beauty in every imperfection”