This was quite a mild week. It passed by in such a blur. Mainly fine weather, with a bit of sunshine here and there, and cold winds.


Rainfall this week, 0.5mm. We have a high of 15dC and a low of -1dC.


That’s the main thing that’s been going on this weekend. The Giant Cloche had its greenhouse film put on. I’ve lined the edges with double sided tape, put the film on, and stapler it in as well.

All was well, until the job is done, then I remembered, the so call one-sided anti-condensation coating on the greenhouse film that was supposed to be facing the inside. Which I have completely forgotten about.

So, I checked it this morning, and I think I had all the different sheets installed the same way, by some odd chance. But is the anti-condensation coating facing the inside or outside? I have no idea.

I supposed it doesn’t really matter, but the alternative remedy is to get another greenhouse film installed on the inside of the frame the right way round. And it will be sort of double-glazing as well.


Lots of bud movement is happening around the stone fruits. The ever elusive Santa Rosa Plum had green tips but no sign of those flowers still. White tips coming through on the swollen Apricot buds, these guys will be well protected from the frost by the surrounding Tree Lucernes.


The Orchard Cottage this week. Waiting patiently for Spring.